Motivational Planning Tips

Motivational Planning Tips

Setting yourself a goal is a big step forward to improving your life in some way, but following through to achieve what we've set out to accomplish can be challenging, especially on those days when miss motivation just isn't there 😆

Before we go any further, know that it's perfectly okay to lose motivation, we all do/suffer with it from time to time! So, when you're feeling overwhelmed and are in need of some mojo, give these tips a try! 👇

Create some S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself

The S.M.A.R.T objectives is a good way to plan the steps to meet the long-term goals you have set for yourself, in short, they put your ideas into action!

S - Specific (The goal you set should be specific, and you shouldn't be able to misinterpret or confuse it)

M - Measurable (The goal should allow you to track your progress)

A - Attainable (The goal needs to be realistic to you and your life)

R - Relevant (A relevant goal should relate to your values, dreams and ambitions)

T - Time-bound (There needs to be a target/end date for completion, so that you've got a drive to complete)

Create a visual for yourself

We all say we've got a good memory, but with the every-day hustle and bustle, we tend to forget a lot of stuff.. which is natural! So, create some visual goals for yourself, whether it's inside a Journal (like this one 👇) inputting them to your phone, or creating a mood-board!

By creating visual goals for yourself, you're holding yourself accountable - plus it motivates you to achieve the goal! So win win 👏


Start off small, sis

Don't go and set yourself up for failure, because we haven't got time for that! ..and with that, I mean don't set yourself a challenge that you know you probably won't accomplish! For example, Don't tell yourself you'll run a marathon, if you've never ran long distance before.

Start off small, and work your way up! Not only is it more realistic, but you get that sense of satisfaction, time and time again! 😍

Celebrate the small wins

It feels good to be rewarded for our work, but rewards can also improve our motivation and performance! Rewarding yourself for reaching small milestones and completing big goals can boost your interest and enjoying in the work/project you're doing!

Here are some ideas that you can use to reward yourself: (that don't cost the bank!)

• Take a short break
• Enjoy your favourite snack
• Read a chapter of your favourite book
• Have a long bath or shower
• Call a friend or family member
• Plan a night out with friends
• Cook your favourite meal

Set a daily routine for yourself

Before you start work (or whatever activity it is you're doing) create a little routine for yourself, to prepare yourself for the task at hand. For example, before you drive you adjust the mirrors, the seat, and get your favourite radio station on, right? This is the same.

You'll prepare your favourite drink, light your favourite candle and possibly a few snacks to keep you going whilst you work towards your goal deadline!

Here are some ideas you can use to create a routine:

• Make your favourite drink

• Let the light in

• Light a candle

• Play some motivational or upbeat music

• Make a plan, before you start

• Put your phone on DND* (Do not disturb)

Practice Gratitude

Some days, we just don't get it all done (and that's okay!) But instead of giving yourself a hard time, you need to start practising gratitude.

Be grateful for the things you did achieve today, the things that made you smile, and filled your soul with happiness. Write about those things, so that if/when you're feeling overwhelmed, you can look back and remind yourself of how wonderful you, and your life is!

Need a Gratitude Journal? Try this one ✨

Change your environment

Sometimes a change of scenery can help you approach your task with fresh airs (and a new sense of motivation) This is called novelty effect, a short term boost that comes from altering your environment!

If you usually study/work from home, have a session at your local library or coffee shop! Do you check your emails on your laptop at your desk? Try and read them whilst out in the park, switch up your running route or try a new exercise class.

Whatever gets those creative & motivational juices flowing, baby!

Schedule time in for yourself

Believe it or not, having plans in motion for dedicated you-time can be a great motivator! For eg, if you have a haircut planned at the weekend, you'll go throughout the week knowing that no matter how hard or stressful it may be, you've got some exciting things planned!

So start planning time for yourself, whether it's a haircut, a meal out with friends, a coffee date with a loved one, or popping to your parents for a Sunday roast! Plan things that you will enjoy!

Remember your "why"

It's easy to forget our 'why' - especially when we're lacking in motivation! But a good way to remember it, is to look back at the visual goals you set for yourself, and ask yourself

• Why did I create these goals for myself in the first place?

• Will I be happy with myself if I stay where I am?

The answers to those two questions 👆 should be enough to motivate you back into your planned, organised self! ...and if it doesn't (that's cool) Feel free to re-read this blog, or send us a message on Instagram and we can have a chat! 👋


Trying to get organised when you're feeling overwhelmed can be a struggle, even more so when your motivation has taken a hit, but it's important to remember that you're not a failure.

We all go through struggles, and times of hardship. Know that you're doing the best you can, and we're so proud of you! You're human, not a robot 💖


Until the next blog post, my babes..

Loads of love & posi vibes,

Abbey xo

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