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The Confidence Life Journal

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Meet the "Confidence Journal", your key to unlocking a more self-assured and empowering life. This daily companion is designed with thoughtful prompts, exercises and affirmations that inspire boldness, awaken self-belief, and help you celebrate your unique achievements. If you've ever felt like you're not enough, let our Confidence Journal be your guide in changing that narrative.


  • Matte finish on the cover for a delicious look!
  • Over 200 pages specifically designed inspire boldness, awaken self-belief, and help celebrate your achievements.
  • 6 Months worth of daily tracking. (Over 190 daily entries!)
  • Designed to help change the narrative that "You're not enough" - rediscover the limitless potential within you.
  • Pages that set you up for success going forward.
  • Mindful activities to complete whilst unwinding from a long day.
  • Printed and handmade in Great Britain.

New Spiral Design

This Journal uses our new Spiral Binding technique, which allows the book to open completely flat, so you can write without the worry of pages bending or bouncing back.

The Journal is now held together with a premium matte black ring binder that's sturdy and strong.

Paper Quality

  • 110 leaves (220 sides) of paper.
  • The inner pages are 90gsm. That's code for ✨writes real nice✨
  • Its hardback cover is 1.5mm thick with a 450gsm matte finish.


Benefits of Journalling for Confidence

Self-Reflection: Journaling offers a safe space for you to evaluate your thoughts and actions, helping you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and thus fostering self-acceptance and confidence.

Affirmation and Positive Self-Talk: Consistently reinforcing positive messages about yourself can help combat negative self-perceptions and enhance your self-esteem. The act of writing these affirmations down can make them feel more real and believable.

Growth Mindset: Regular journaling can help cultivate a growth mindset by encouraging you to learn from your mistakes and see obstacles as opportunities for improvement rather than signs of failure.

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  • New 2024 Stickers

    This Journal comes with our new Deluxe Sticker Sheet! (RRP £4.50).

    With the new Tabbed Dividers you can mark your favourite pages and easily refer back at a later date.

    Reward yourself with the Gold Star Stickers, Love Heart Stickers, and more!

    Use the On & Off Plan Stickers to track things that matter to you, like whether or not you spent time for self care that day.

  • 🔨 Built to empower 💪

    The daily page has been specifically designed by Auntie Abs to inspire boldness and self-empowerment. The daily page guides you through your day, tackling what happened and singing your achievements. Each day comes with an inspirational and thought provoking quote.

  • ✏️ Make it yours 🏷️

    Start off your Journalling journey by making it yours, define the things you already know, and the things that you'd like to learn more about. Create a special space that's exclusively about you and your thoughts.

  • ☕️ Fill up your cup 🫖

    Of course it's not a Confidence Journal inspired by Auntie Abs if it doesn't include her trademark cup! Just one of many engaging exercises included inside the Journal, you'll be working on yourself without even knowing!

  • 👾 Your mood in pixels 📊

    Track your mood across an entire year with the included pixel tracker. Record what's important to you, your specific emotions & feelings. Create a colourful map of your highs & lows, spot trends as they form and work on them throughout the Journal.

  • ❤️ Self-Care Challenges 💕

    The Journal comes with 6 months worth of Self-Care challenges, broken down into Physical, Emotional, and Practical. Create a daily goal to help push yourself out of your comfort zone (or into your comfort zone!) ranging from trying something new to making sure that you have that relaxing bath.

  • Designed to stand out 🎨

    For the Confidence Journal we've knocked it up another notch, with some new bold & colourful covers! Let your thoughts and emotions flourish on the pages within, encased in a beautifully designed cover that's as unique as your journey

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