Fabulously Imperfect.

Seconds are products with small imperfections, like misprints, scuffed packaging, or slight scuffs.

Our "Second's Promise" is to only sell items that we ourselves would use.

These are sold on a first come first serve basis and items that run out of stock will not be restocked (unless we fcuk up again!)

🔥 Latest Arrivals

Hot off the press & ready to impress!

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✨Big Oopsies✨

These are items where we have plenty of stock, so you'll usually find them here in the Second's section!

💁‍♀️ Sassy Sticky Notes

These Sticky Notes were made with vegan glue, and over time the adhesiveness has weakened. However, we still absolutely love these sticky notes and they pair great with our Washi Tape, to help stick them down.

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🧲 Magnetic Bookmarks

These adorable bookmarks were accidentally printed without using the correct fonts. But they're still just as bright & just as funny!

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🤩 A5 Slide Pads

These Mini Plan Pad's were glued/bound on the wrong side. So they need to be used upside-down in our Organisers! Beside this, they're perfectly useable.

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