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Introducing the Fabulous Planning affiliate program, where you can flamingle with the finest stationery enthusiasts!

This flocktastic opportunity lets you spread your wings and strut your stuff on social media, showcasing our vibrant collection of pens, planners, totes, and more.

Why not take a peck at what's on offer, below?

  • Join the fabulous flock!

    Dive into a world of creative cash-making fun by joining The Stationery Squad, where your love for trendy notebooks, stylish tote bags, and snazzy pens can scribble you a colourful path to extra earnings!

  • Scroll, swipe, tap & type.

    Unleash your inner influencer and let your passion for fabulous stationery take centre stage as you showcase vibrant notebooks, eye-catching totes, and more on your social media playground, inspiring friends and followers to shop till they drop!

  • Exciting stuff!

    Join our inky insiders' club and enjoy a sneak-peek pass to the freshest stationery finds, giving you the golden ticket to showcase & rave about our latest treasures before the rest of the world gets a glimpse!

  • Did someone say discount?

    As a Stationery Squad affiliate, you'll unlock your very own magic discount code, gifting your followers (and yourself!) a swoon-worthy 15% off site-wide shopping spree - talk about spreading the paper love and making their day!

  • Let's talk big numbers.

    Every member of The Stationery Squad will start off with a super tasty 10% commission rate. As you complete more referrals we'll increase your rate, with the opportunity to earn an absolutely whopping 40% commission rate!

  • Pen pals into profit pals 🤑

    Unleash your creative flair and transform your passion for all things stationery into a fun and rewarding money-making adventure - who said adulting couldn't be a blast?

  • Supercharged dashboard

    A powerful dashboard made just for you, where you'll be able to see an overview of your commissions, popular products, unique discount code and more. Login whenever you need, and have complete access to free marketing materials, like premium photos, readymade text copy, and much more.

  • Do you meet the requirements?

    Do you love stationery? Then you're perfect to join The Stationery Squad!

    There's no "follower minimum" or "influencer badge" required, just your adoration of sharing fabulous stationery!

  • No cost = nothing lost.

    It costs absolutely nothing to apply to join The Stationery Squad, and when you're approved we'll get you up & running in no time!

  • What's next?

    Once accepted into The Stationery Squad, you can start promoting with the Fabulous Planning stationery that you may already have.

    Once you've made your first couple of commissions, we'll hook you up with even more stationery so that you can grow your opportunities.

  • ✏️ Free Stationery 📒

    As you earn commissions, you'll be able to request new and exciting stationery from us, sent straight to you.

    We work on a scaling system, so the more that you earn, the more free stationery you will be offered.

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Join our flamboyant community and let's flam-bam-thank-you-ma'am our way to a fabulous collaboration!

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